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The Difference Applecare vs Applecare+ in Singapore

When you purchase an Apple Product, it automatically gets an AppleCare warranty for a limited period. Usually, this warranty lasts for a year.

However, you can still extend this warranty by purchasing the AppleCare Plus plan. The question is, is the AppleCare plan worthwhile? In this article, we will discuss the similarities and differences between AppleCare and AppleCare Plus.

AppleCare+ Vs. AppleCare: Similarities and Differences

Generally, AppleCare provides basic warranty coverage. If the product does not work or its system fails under the warranty, Apple will repair or fix it without any cost. 

Moreover, this AppleCare guarantee is also automatically provided regardless of where you purchase the item, and if you sell it within a year, you can transfer it to a new owner. Just present your proof of purchase to the buyer in order to transfer the warranty. 

Certain restrictions apply, and depending on your country, the duration of the basic warranty may change. This is the reason why the receipt of the product is always needed to be given to another person who buys your phone after you sell it.

Again, take note that this warranty does not apply to man-made damages such as broken screens, scratches, and the like.

In addition to the warranty, devices under AppleCare get 90-day free phone support. Again, AppleCare is a free warranty for all Apple Devices for one year. According to Apple, this period may change depending on the country of purchase. If you want to extend this warranty, AppleCare Plus will fit into the picture.

What is included in an AppleCare Plus plan, on top of AppleCare, are the following:

  • Extra two years warranty for Macs
  • Extra two years of free phone support
  • Accidental damage coverage

Take note that the last one does not apply to Apple TV products. Compared to the devices under regular AppleCare, accidental damage coverage is not applicable. However, if your devices are only under a regular AppleCare plan and you want them to be repaired, the following discounts or deductions can be applied:

  • iPhone: a deduction of $29 for issues regarding the screen and a $99 deduction for any other damages.
  • iPad: a deduction of $49 for all damages.
  • Mac: a deduction of $99 for screen damages and $299 for other damages.
  • Apple Watch: a deduction of $69 for all types of damages.
  • HomePod: a deduction of $39 for all types of damages.
  • iPod Touch (all generations): a deduction of $29 for all types of damages.

If these repair costs are kind of pricey for you, there are lots of gadget repair shops around Singapore that offer affordable services such as iPhone repair shops, MacBook repair shops, Smart Phone repair shops (Android).

Lastly, having the information above, it is quite safe enough to say that AppleCare Plus is only an additional accidental warranty. However, one great thing about AppleCare Plus is that you do not have to decide on the spot if you want to purchase the warranty. You can buy the AppleCare Plus within 60 days of purchasing your Apple device.

AppleCare+ Plan and the Devices Covered

Although you will have to pay an additional for AppleCare Plus, you are ensured that you will get more than what you pay for. One of these includes coverage for loss and theft. 

With the help of AppleCare+, you are protected from theft or loss and can, if necessary, acquire a replacement device. The “AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss” package, which adds $100 to the cost of AppleCare+ and is only available for the iPhone, charges an extra premium for this kind of insurance on top of the usual AppleCare+ cost.

If you keep Find My enabled on your lost device, this plan lets you cover up to two instances of unintentional loss, theft, or damage each year. For replacing a lost or stolen iPhone, there are still deductibles such as the following:

  • A deduction of $199 for iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6
  • A deduction of $229 for iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone 6 Plus
  • A deduction of $269 for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X

Just imagine how cheap it is for you to pay for a new device under AppleCare Plus due to loss rather than buying a new one, right? In summary, the devices covered by AppleCare Plus are the following:

  • All Mac Devices
  • All iPhone Models
  • All Apple Watch Generations
  • All iPod Touch Generations
  • All iPad Devices
  • Apple TV and Display

According to Apple, in summary, unlimited instances of accidental damage are covered by AppleCare+ for iPhone devices. The following service charges, plus any relevant tax, are applied to each incident. 

Additionally, you will receive Express Replacement Service and 24-hour priority phone or chat access to Apple professionals. Other advantages of the AppleCare Plus plan include the following:

  • Same-day service in most major metropolitan areas globally
  • Onsite service where you can schedule a technician to perform a screen repair at your home or office
  • Express Replacement Service where Apple will ship you a replacement device instead of waiting for a repaired one
  • Mail-in repair where you can mail in your iPhone using a prepaid shipping box provided by Apple
  • Carry-in repair where you can take your iPhone to an Apple Store or other Apple Authorized Service Provider

Lastly, for your iPhone devices, the AppleCare+ plan offers hardware repair or replacement services. These hardware defects are the battery and lightning cable. If the battery has less than 80% of its original capacity, you can have it serviced for free.

AppleCare Guide: Is It Worth the Buy?

Apple’s standard gadget warranties cover flaws or failures caused by the manufacturer, such as bending, denting, or dead pixels. By including remote software support and unintentional damage repair, AppleCare expands on this. Similar to auto insurance, you pay for the extended coverage up front and then a deductible as necessary.

Moreover, user-caused damage, such as unauthorized repairs, unauthorized software downloads, and other non-accident-related occurrences, is not covered by AppleCare. Apple will either reject customers in these situations or demand that the entire gadget be replaced.

For Mac devices, the following coverage is provided:

  • The battery when it has less than 80% capacity
  • Accessories included in the box
  • Apple memory
  • AirPort products (only if they were ac quired not longer than two years before your Mac devices)
  • Apple USB SuperDrive

For iPhone devices, the following coverage is provided:

  • The battery when less than 80% capacity
  • Accessories included in the box

For iPad devices, the following coverage is provided:

  • The battery when less than 80% capacity
  • One Apple Pencil
  • One Apple-branded iPad Keyboard
  • AirPort devices (only if they were acquired not longer than two years before your iPad devices)
  • Accessories included in the box

For Apple Watches, the following coverage is provided:

  • The battery when less than 80% capacity
  • Accessories included in the box

For Apple Display, the following coverage is provided:

  • Included power cord
  • One Apple-branded display stand and one Apple-branded mount when purchased at the same time

For HomePod devices, the following coverage is provided:

  • AirPort devices (only if they were acquired not longer than two years before your HomePod devices)

For Earpods, the following coverage is provided:

  • The battery when less than 80% capacity
  • Included accessories in the box

For Apple TV, the following coverage is provided:

  • All accessories in the box

If you are techy and know how to repair, with the use of approved parts and tools, you can consider Apple’s Self-Service Repair Program to fix your own iPhones. This Program allows users to get in touch with Apple to rent tools, purchase components, and fix the gadget themselves rather than taking it to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider for repair.

Part of the reason for the existence of this program is in reaction to the Right to Repair movement, which has been demanding Apple-made equipment for home repairs. Although it has partially arrived, it comes with a hefty price and a low probability of success.

If you have some connections, you can actually purchase tools from local shops in Singapore and repair your devices at home. However, this does not mean AppleCare is not worth the buy. 

If the products or tools you purchase are not legit or high-quality, you will only end up totally damaging your devices. Thus, you should know the authorized and legit sellers to avoid this inconvenience.

So, is AppleCare really worth the buy? 

AppleCare+ may cover you for four screen repairs, four other damages, or four battery replacements, assuming Apple thinks you are really this unlucky. Alternatively, if you have AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, it might provide coverage for up to four instances of iPhone theft.

Therefore, it is possible that you may shatter the screen, a connection inside, crack the casing, or have it stolen.

Apple has undoubtedly estimated the costs and tallied the chances. Apple is aware of how many people purchase AppleCare+ and how many of those people ever submit a claim.

So, before you purchase an AppleCare Plus, try to consider the following calculations below:

  • Four repairs outside of coverage would cost you $516 if you have a 2020 iPhone SE and are the most prone to cracking screens. Depending on whether you pay monthly or not, the cost of four repairs under the normal AppleCare+ plan is $195 or $211.76.
  • Under AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, four screen repairs for an iPhone SE would cost $265, or $295.76.
  • A similar picture may be obtained for all eligible iPhones by only considering the one-time AppleCare+ cost, excluding theft and loss. Instead of a $796 out-of-pocket cost for four screen repairs on the iPhone 11, $265 would be required.
  • Four screen repairs for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini would cost the same $265 if you had AppleCare+, compared to $916 and $1,116, respectively, without the insurance.
  • The cost of four screen repairs for an iPhone 12 Pro would be $315 with insurance and $1,116 without. The price for the iPhone 12 Pro would be the same overall ($315) with AppleCare+, but without it, you would have to pay $1,316.

AppleCare+ would appear to be a waste of money if you never made a claim because you received no value for your payment. The total cost of repair is typically lower if you have AppleCare+ if you just experience one issue.

In other words, the AppleCare+ is worthwhile if you anticipate experiencing more than two instances of damage during the first two years of purchasing an iPhone.

Of course, it’s impossible to foresee whether or not you’ll require AppleCare+ in advance. There is another aspect to it, though, besides the fact that purchasing the AppleCare+ is a risk.

AppleCare+ and AppleCare Warranty Costs

The deductibles and costs of warranty for both AppleCare and AppleCare Plus are different. Generally, the latter will require you to pay more as your devices will be covered longer.

But, what if your device can no longer be covered? Thankfully, there are some local repair shops in Singapore that can help you out. 

The costs of repair for your Apple Products include the following:

For iPhone devices

  • Screen repair lies at around S$70-S$550
  • Battery lies at around S$30-S$95
  • Other repairs liest at around S$100-S$280

For Mac devices

  • Trackpad Cable: S$80 – S$120
  • Battery: S$120 – S$200
  • Trackpad: S$120 – S$200
  • Speaker: S$80 – S$200
  • LCD Screen: S$240 – S$750
  • Wi-fi Card: S$120
  • Keyboard: S$140 – S$280
  • Motherboard Repair: From S$180 – S$380

For iPod Touch and iPad devices

  • All repairs lie at around S$50-S$470

For Apple Watches

  • All repairs lie at around S$80-S$200, depending on the Gen Type

Take note that these costs may change depending on the severity of the damage to your Apple Product. However, be ensured that Singapore Mobile Repair Shops offer high-quality services that can help you save much of your money and time.

For tourists, these repair shops are also friendly for you. Repairing Apple products in Singapore is so fast. Some repairs only last for 120 minutes or less. Some repair shops offer scheduled repairs, and this is more convenient for you.

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