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Meir ItzchakiMeir Itzchaki
02:02 04 Aug 22
Excellent quick and reliable service. Saved both my Macs and and iPhone. Highly recommended
Natalia P.Natalia P.
04:32 29 Jul 22
Excellent service and post service! Had a small fix to be done even after the warranty was over and the team helped quickly!
Radin ZainalRadin Zainal
11:02 12 Jul 22
Prompt and reliable service. Send my MacBook Air 13” with screen problem (single vertical line). I was in urgent need and repaired done with 2 days. Price is reasonably competitive.
Silverback StudiosSilverback Studios
07:01 23 Jun 22
Walked in to repair my MacBook Pro 2015. The team is friendly, reliable, approachable, efficient, and their prices are affordable! Highly recommended!
Matthew PohMatthew Poh
08:32 11 Jun 22
Fast and reliable service for Apple products. Have ready stock for replace IPhone and Ipad screens. Staff were friendly. Repair price is reasonable too.

iPhone Repair in Singapore

iPhones have considerably made our lives better. However, just like any other material thing on earth, they can break. When your iPhone experiences technical issues just in time you need it most, it can be a devastating experience. 

Phones play a vital part of in lives. We use them to take images, store files, and contact people. The separation anxiety with our old gadget makes it hard to buy a replacement. A more affordable way to bring back your phone is to have it repaired by an iPhone repair in Singapore. 

When it comes to delivering smooth and seamless performance, there is no question that the iPhone is top-notch technology. 

And that’s what we are here for. 

We don’t just offer ordinary phone repairs. We offer one of Singapore’s best iPhone repairs. We understand how precious your phone is and our goal is to ensure it is fully functional again.

In this guide, we talk about 14 common iPhone issues and what you can do with them. If your iPhone is breaking, make sure you check out these possible issues and bring your phone to us.

14 Most Common Problems with iPhones

1. Faulty speakers

When your phone suddenly stops making sound, the speakers could be faulty. Most iPhone speech problems are caused by bugs and broken hardware. You need to bring your phone right away to the accredited iPhone repair center in Singapore to have it fixed. 

Other signs that you’re having faulty speakers are not being able to control the volume, sudden surge or disappearance of sound, or failure to adjust speaker volume. Sometimes, you won’t be able to hear a phone call. To troubleshoot, you can go to Settings🡪 Accessibility 🡪 Assistive Touch and then turn on Assistive Mode. If you cannot fix the problem, it’s better to  have it checked by a professional.

2. Faulty Buttons

It’s easy to forget how often you use your home button until it stops working. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a dilemma because the touchscreen won’t function at all. You can’t use the Home Button, enter your password, or even press some apps. When your iPhone’s buttons are unresponsive, it could be due to hardware or software issues.

Basic troubleshooting can include using the Assistive Touch but this is only a temporary solution. Issues coming from deeper sources require a professional touch. Severe problems are caused by malware attacks, corrupted software, or problems with the pre-installed apps such as your photos, reminders, calendars, or notes. When your files become corrupted, they can affect the other features of your iPhone.

3. Damaged housing

Damaged housing, cracked screen, and dents are usually covered by your phone’s warranty. But if you’re warranty has expired, you need a reliable iPhone repair in Singapore. Our technicians will look at the extent of damage. If the damage is severe, we will recommend a full housing replacement.

4. Black Glass Replacement

In fact, the very first phone to implement this unique design is the iPhone 4 way back in 2010. Glass-backed devices are more fragile in nature so, over time, you may notice that your iPhone has damage on its back. Damages can include minor dents, cracks, and chips. 

 If your back display or front display has cracks, the only choice you have is to replace it. Unfortunately, there are no way damages on black glass can be soldered. The best thing we can advise is to bring your unit to a certified iPhone repair shop where you can purchase authentic spare parts. Don’t just go with any repair shop you see in the streets. 

5. Damage Charging Port

Some reasons why your charging port is damaged are broken pins, presence of debris inside, or power surge.  When your charging port is damaged, you won’t be able to charge your phone. You can use a blunt paper clip and remove anything that has gotten lodged. However, if your iPhone simply doesn’t charge despite being cleaned enough, you must take it to a professional technician for proper diagnosis.

 Don’t forget to double-check your charger as it might be the source of the problem. Always make sure that you are using the phone’s original charger to ensure it is charging according to the correct voltage requirement. Class A chargers don’t meet the voltage requirement for iPhones, which can cause a short circuit. This could also be the reason why your charging port is damaged.

6. Water damaged

Did you just drop your iPhone in the water? Nothing is worse than knowing your phone has fallen to the water. Water damage is one of the most unfortunate cases that iPhone owners experience. 

If this happens, turn off your iPhone right away and dry it off with a towel. If you happen to have a blower, you can also use it to dry your iPhone as long as you don’t overheat it. The last thing you want to prevent is turning it on while it is still wet.

Once you’ve dried it up, remove the battery and the sim card. Don’t turn it on until it has completely dried up. Better yet submerge it in silica gel or uncooked rice for 2-3 days. 

If your phone fails to load after this DIY, a short circuit is possible. At this point, you should bring it to the repair shop so it can be restored.

7. Cracked Screen

The scariest mirror is a reflection of yourself in your iPhone’s cracked screen after accidentally dropping it on concrete. Almost all phones suffer from cracked screens upon hitting hard on solid objects. The good news is, that you can still have it repaired. 

If the crack is only on the surface, the only thing needed is to replace its tempered glass. But if the entire screen is cracked, you may need to replace its LCD or the entire screen package. 

Screen replacement can be a bit expensive. It’s like replacing an entire phone considering that it is one of the most important assets of your phone and original materials are expensive. 

 Even so, you can always find a good phone repair company in Singapore. A good technician will guide you on the things you should do to save a little. 

8. Battery Drain

Battery failure is caused by many factors like having many apps running in the background or ordinary wear and tear. Since iPhones aren’t running on overdrive, try turning it off and removing unnecessary push notifications. If it doesn’t fix the battery issue, it may need replacement. 

New batteries for iPhones don’t cause as much as other parts of the phone. Moreover, the wider availability of apple batteries makes it easier for technicians to resolve battery issues. Most battery damage is longer reversible.

9. Overheating iPhone

Have you ever noticed your iPhone’s temperature getting too high? There are many reasons for an overheating iPhone such as overcharging, overplaying, exposure to direct sunlight, malware attack, or using the wrong type of charger. Regardless, it’s important to have it checked right away because it might explode at minute.

If you want to DIY, you can try switching it off for a few hours. Give it a hard reset and turn it on. If the problem persists, make sure you bring your phone to a trusted repair shop before accidents can happen.

10. iPhone Disabled

Your iPhone will disable your phone if you made several attempts to enter your password and failed. Normally, the security barrier will only last for a minute and then you can try entering your password again.

But if your iPhone seems to be perpetually disabled for a password issue, it is a sign that you’re having a malware attack. To DIY, you can put your phone on Recovery Mode where you can enter your password manually. If the problem persists, bring your phone to a reliable technician.

11. iPhone stuck on apple logo

A failed iOS update often shows a stuck apple logo when you turn on your phone. When it happens, you need to reset your phone. If the problem persists, it could be a sign of hardware problems, malware attacks, or deletion of important iOS files. To retrieve your data, you can bring your phone to us.

A stuck apple logo often causes you to worry because you won’t be able to use your phone. This can be a hassle if you want to access pertinent data from your gallery. Our data retrieval usually takes around 1-3 days depending on the issue.

12. Failed Proximity Sensor

If your iPhone’s display screen is lit during a call, it means that your proximity sensor is not working. A failed proximity sensor is often caused by a factory defect, malware attack, or hardware problems. The first thing you should do is to back up all your data at iCloud and iTunes, and then reset your phone. If the problem persists, restore factory settings in DFU mode. If the DIY does not work, it’s wise to bring your iPhone to us so we can check it. Our technicians provide highly reliable iPhone repair in the city. Once we’ve fixed the problem, we guarantee that it will never come back again.

13. Front & Back Camera Issue

Some common camera issues in iPhones are frozen camera, black screen on the back of the camera, out of sync flash, and missing options.  If you experience this, you can reset your camera or restore factory settings to bring it back to normal. If the issue persists, the problem could be more serious than you thought.

Other causes of camera problems in iPhones are malware attacks, driver issues, or broken hardware. If your phone falls down and the camera breaks, you need a professional technician to check if it still can be replaced. We can also recommend which option is more economical for you considering your situation. 

14. Chip Processor/Motherboard Issue

The motherboard or processor is the logic board of your iPhone, which is in-charged of making your phone work. If it’s broken, you will see some signs in your phone such as squares appearing at the top of your screen, unresponsive screen, or appearance of lines on your screen.

A chip processor or motherboard issue is not something you can DIY. If you have important data in your HDD, you must bring your phone directly to the technician for data retrieval. We will, however, do our best to repair your phone.


  • Fast turnaround – Our repair usually takes just 1-3 days depending on the complexity of damage that your iPhone has suffered. Timeliness is one of our utmost priorities and we ensure that your gadget will be back to you in the fastest time possible.
  • High-quality repair – It is our goal to diagnose the main issue in your phone so we can provide the correct and high-quality repair it needs. This helps avoid problems from repeating.
  • Professional technicians – Our phone technicians have undergone technical training and extensive experience in iPhone repair.  
  • Original spare parts – All of our spares are sourced from the most trusted original suppliers in Singapore. You won’t be given Class As or imitated products.

FAQS About iPhone Repair

1. How much do you charge for repairing my broken iPhone?

Repairing a broken iPhone costs around S$30 to S$550.  Apparently, we offer a more affordable repair service that suits your budget. If you have a broken phone, do not hesitate to bring it to us.

2. Can you still recover the data I accidentally lost from my iPhone?

Yes. Deleted or corrupted data can still be recovered through special recovery software. You can bring your phone to our repair shop so our technicians can take a look at it.

3. Do I have to leave my iPhone for you to repair it?

Yes. You may need to leave your iPhone so we can properly diagnose and repair the issue. Major repairs for problems like chip processor or motherboard issues, water damage, blue screen, and camera dents require ample time for fixtures.

4.Do you offer deals for multiple repairs?

Yes. If you bring your gadget to us, we can make a diagnosis and recommend the best solution so you can also get a great deal. 

5. Can you repair a broken glass iPhone?

Yes. We have glass and screen replacements for iPhones.

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