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Meir ItzchakiMeir Itzchaki
02:02 04 Aug 22
Excellent quick and reliable service. Saved both my Macs and and iPhone. Highly recommended
Natalia P.Natalia P.
04:32 29 Jul 22
Excellent service and post service! Had a small fix to be done even after the warranty was over and the team helped quickly!
Radin ZainalRadin Zainal
11:02 12 Jul 22
Prompt and reliable service. Send my MacBook Air 13” with screen problem (single vertical line). I was in urgent need and repaired done with 2 days. Price is reasonably competitive.
Silverback StudiosSilverback Studios
07:01 23 Jun 22
Walked in to repair my MacBook Pro 2015. The team is friendly, reliable, approachable, efficient, and their prices are affordable! Highly recommended!
Matthew PohMatthew Poh
08:32 11 Jun 22
Fast and reliable service for Apple products. Have ready stock for replace IPhone and Ipad screens. Staff were friendly. Repair price is reasonable too.

Phone Data Recovery Services in Singapore

Mobile phones hold a lot of data ranging from photos, videos, files, and even important messages and files. It has become a part of someone’s everyday living. Sometimes, you also cannot go out without your mobile phone.

Singaporeans use mobile phones more than any other devices. Because this device is used often, it is susceptible to breaking down. If it is dead, all data stored in the mobile phone will not be accessible. In this case, your urgent solution will be to seek assistance from someone who can recover your mobile phone’s data quickly and safely.

However, recovery is made on a case-to-case basis. You should visit a phone data recovery services center in Singapore, such as Repair Advise, to diagnose your smartphone failure and receive the proper repair.

Common Phone Data Failure that Users Face

Smartphones are one the devices that can store large amounts of data, whether for personal or business use. These devices can run documents, tasks, and applications and receive payments. Problems can be seen physically or by its operations. You can detect a problem when it takes a long period to boot up, constant error notifications, apps crashing, and screen freezing.


1. System Virus

These viruses are often acquired from unintentionally opened links or connections to another device. It may tamper with the saved data or wipe them out entirely. This is usually done by tech experts to modify the device or use applications to infect other devices.

2. Wrong Process of Data Retrieval

When your smartphone starts malfunctioning, your initial action is to repair it yourself. You tend to do something on your smartphone to try to recover your data. However, this is not the best option for repairing. This may even lead to more complicated problems with your device. If you are unsure how to recover the saved data, bring it to the data recovery center and avoid downloading other apps to retrieve it.

3. Accidental Deletion or Overwriting

There are circumstances where you accidentally delete files on your device. This usually happens when you manage a lot of files on your device. Though modern smartphones have trash bins where deleted files are stored for a certain period, some devices are not configured to do this action.

Another problem with why a file is gone from the system is overwriting. This often happens to files that are similar to one another. When you overwrite an existing file, you will lose the previously saved file.

4. Hardware Failure

Another problem where data should be recovered is hardware and mechanical failures. This happens when your smartphone’s capacitors, internal components, and microcontrollers malfunction. This is a more complex problem than a software failure. It may require the replacement of certain parts. If this is the problem, it is recommended to get professional assistance to prevent permanent loss of data. Repairs should only be done by an experienced data recovery engineer.

Why Choose Repair Advise in Singapore

Repair Advise is a data recovery center in Singapore offering different services for different brands. Aside from having more than 600 positive reviews on Google, here are some of the reasons why you should bring your smartphone in Repair Advise should a failure arise:

  • Certified Mac and iOS Technicians: all technicians are certified to work on any Apple device. Once you leave your smartphone, the technicians will diagnose and repair it as soon as possible.
  • Advanced-Data Extraction Tools: Repair Advise uses the latest technology in repairing smartphones and other devices. The service center allows you to see how they repair your smartphone.
  • Original Parts: If it is a software problem, all original parts are intact. If it is a hardware problem, replacements are used with the original or premium-grade parts. Warranties are also offered for all repairs done.
  • Face-to-Face Repair: Repair Advise offers transparency. A face-to-face repair is offered to ensure that all personal data are safe while repairing or recovering your device. They also have a non-disclosure agreement before your device is repaired.
  • 7 Years of Experience: Repair Advise is proud to share its accomplishments on over 100,000 devices from 95% of its customers.

FAQs on Phone Data Recovery Services in Singapore

How much does a data recovery in Singapore cost?

The price for data recovery services depends on the diagnosis, amount of data, and the recovery process a device needs. For smartphones, it starts at S$190. It costs more for a device that has been submerged in water.

Is data recovery service worth the price?

Yes, if the data you need to recover is important. If these files are company files or confidential files stored in your smartphone, it is recommended to be recovered. If you are unsure of paying for a data recovery service, analyze if you can redo the file or if it is not as crucial as other files.

How long does it take to recover data from a phone?

Depending on your device, a standard data recovery process in Singapore may take 1-3 days. You may ask for a priority service with an additional fee. If the data you need to be recovered is important and urgent, it is best to use the priority service.

What kinds of data can be recovered from a phone?

The data recovery service can retrieve your contacts, messages, and call history. You may also have a backup copy of messages from WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messaging apps. Photos, videos, music, and documents saved on your smartphone can also be retrieved.

What should I do if my smartphone fails?

Do not attempt to recover the data, especially if you do not have knowledge or experience. The best option is to bring your smartphone to a data recovery center to create backup data safely.

Are data from an iPhone can be retrieved?

Deleted and corrupted data from an iPhone can still be recovered using special recovery software. However, you must leave your iPhone to the technicians to diagnose and repair it properly. iPhones damaged due to motherboard issues may take more days to recover the data.


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